Print “A Budget For Quality Wigs”

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Print “A Budget For Quality Wigs”

Whether you represent Betty Draper fresh or Stepford wife want perfection, the retro-faux bob offer a modern interpretation of classic mid-length hairstyle. It isn’t unusual for women to have been forced to sell their strands after being advised that they Party Wigs 2015 are taking part in a religious rite, whereas the truth is their hair has been shaved off to be used in human wigs, with the wig production company making a full profit on this shameful act.

Styling human wigs is as straight as styling your own hair, but when you use styling tools, make sure that you they have been specially made for wigs only – be it a hair dryer, a curling iron or a hot roller.

For instance, it is advisable to stay clear of strong shades such as ‘bleach blonde’ and ‘jet black’, because shades with an impact as big as these can not only be much more noticeable than wigs using other hair tones, but they also run the risk of washing out the complexion, making the wearer look pale, tired and weak.

Typically, choppy and angular hair styles do masculinise the face by exaggerating the jaw line, so it may be an idea to have a softer, layered style – the great thing about transexual wigs is that those looking to cover the forehead are in luck – delicate fringes would be perfectly suited to those with larger foreheads and are always in fashion!

The wigs and hair pieces available are extremely long lasting and when it comes to styling you’re in luck – our wig stylists and technicians are able to advise you at every step of the way on how to wear and look after the hair.

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Author Dean King ~ Interviewed

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The award winning author of ten books and dozens of stories in national magazines, Dean King has a deep and abiding passion for historical and adventure narratives.

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King’s latest work, Unbound: A True Story of War, Love, and Survival, about the 30 courageous women who walked 4,000 miles across China with Mao Zedong, in 1934, was published in the spring of 2010. While crossing eleven provinces, the 30 women forded dozens of raging rivers, scaled ice-covered peaks on the Tibetan Plateau, and survived ambushes, bombings, severe hunger and thirst, typhoid fever, and the births of 920-192 half a dozen children. Their epic march helped reshape China forever.

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Notes from the road – SKELETONS FROM THE ZAHARA

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In the Footsteps of Riley, October 2001

What lies below is the barely edited, only slightly expurgated day-by-day journal of my research expedition to the Sahara to retrace the route of the crew of the Connecticut merchant brig Commerce shipwrecked here in 1815 as they worked their way across the desert to freedom.

Half of the crew of eleven, plus a working passenger, would not make it. I had only the roughly drawn maps of the sailors who wrote memoirs. And as it would turn out, though I had permission to follow this route from one branch of the Moroccan government, the national police and the Army would prevent me from going inland as long as I was in Western Sahara.

While little came off as I had planned, in the end I had learned a whole lot more than I expected. It didn’t help that I had scheduled the whole trip a year in advance of 9-11 for the week following 9-11. The crew’s fate was determined partly by chance, partly according to how each man responded to the situation. This had fascinated me for some time, and I was here to learn more to better understand how they saved their lives or how they wilted under the privation, cruelty, alienation, and brutal elements.

The trip was made using Land Rovers and camels. We covered about 100 miles on the camels and the rest in the Land Rovers. The trip was immensely helpful in my writing Skeletons on the Zahara.

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