And John Vance says . . . .

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I would like to thank all the family members for the outpouring of appreciation for The Feud. I am looking forward to seeing many of you in the near future as I continue on my book tour, which will take me to West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina,
North Carolina, and back to Virginia again all in the next month.


So far, I have met family members in Concord, North Carolina (Thanks Pam Sipple, descendant of Jim Vance, for a wonderful dinner party!); at my launch party in Richmond (John O’Dell, originally from Mate Creek, and others); and at the Library of Virginia, also in Richmond (Jon C. Hatfield, executive director of the Virginia War Memorial).


Among the nice–and deeply meaningful to me–communications I have received is an endorsement from John Vance, the great, great grandson of both Jim Vance and Wall Hatfield. I met with him several times and corresponded with him as part of my research. John sent me this:



Being a direct descendant of three major Feud fighters I have grown up hearing many different tales of what went on during Feud years and have read many books on the subject, I think Mr. King has gone to great trouble to tell the story as accurately as possible.

The fierce family loyalty’s still exist in all the Mountain’s residents today.

I urge you to read Mr. King’s book.

John Vance


That put a big smile on my face, because I know how much this history means to many people, especially the family members on both sides.


Please keep writing to me, whether you are part of the greater Hatfield and McCoy families or not. I appreciate hearing from everyone, even those who do not agree with my versions of certain episodes or my conclusions. And I especially appreciate new evidence and/or corrections to the record, which I will discuss here as soon as I can confirm the information. In one case, a reader has written in to identify people in a photograph that the family member who provided the picture could not identify.
I want to collect all that information for future generations.


To all you who continue to write in or post on Facebook and other places, thanks for reading The Feud so carefully. Please check out my tour

canadian pharcharmy

schedule, under “appearances” on this website and come out and see me.


More soon!